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“You must be comfortable
with any financial
decision you make.”

– Marlene C. Buxton, BA, CFP®
Retirement Income Specialist and
Fee-Only Financial Planner

You read about retirement planning just about every day in the media. You are constantly being bombarded with information about what you should do and how you should plan. It is overwhelming to try to take this information in and apply it to your unique needs. For many, it is near impossible to develop a sound strategic plan on your own. It can be difficult to distance yourself and see all the variables and stages objectively. Everyone's life and situation is unique. Planning retirement income must be very specific to individual needs rather than general assumptions. Having a Retirement Income Specialist working with you can provide strategies that lead to independence and choice. What's your game plan?

Marlene C. Buxton BA (Economics), CFP®

Retirement Income Specialist and Fee-Only Financial Planner


I’ve had an interest in financial planning starting at a young age. Throughout high school and university, I was able to work in a financial planning office and I had the guidance of a mentor. I gained valuable experience during that time. This reinforced my direction and commitment into the industry.


I majored in Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Since then, I have taken several additional courses regarding financial planning. This includes completing the final exam for the CFP designation in November 2015. I was awarded first place on the President’s List for having the highest score in Canada.

As an Independent Financial Advisor of more than 12 years, I specialize in Retirement Income Planning. This is an area of great need for many people. The challenges associated with making informed decisions can be quite stressful. With decades to plan for, there are many variables involved.


I chose to specialize in this field because I like the complicated stuff. I enjoy strategizing and structuring my clients’ finances to work for them. Estate Planning is also a large component within Retirement Income Planning. In both areas, I want my clients to feel that they are okay. By simplifying finances, I work to make retirement as comfortable as possible.


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